Wedding Day Part 2

Around noon, My MOH Robin and I made it over to Cleopatra’s Oasis for our hair and makeup. They had already gotten started on my sister and mom when we arrived. Brian’s mom later joined us.

Bridesmaids Jennifer and Sevanne brought me my nonfat white chocolate mocha from Starbucks and then we all ordered lunch from the Original Oyster House which is in the same shopping center. I got a grilled mahi sandwich and baked potato.


Around that time my hairstylist got started on my hair. We decided on half up and pulled my bangs all the way back with a bit of a poof. I was thinking of doing the sideswept bangs – Carrie Underwood look, but I’m glad that I decided to pull the bangs all the way back, because it was WINDY out on that beach! I was nervous at first because my hair seemed super Rapunzel curly but the hair stylist assured me that it would fall out over the course of the day and of course it did.

We had 2 girls doing hair and 1 girl doing makeup for 5 of us. I started getting nervous because no one had gotten started on my makeup and it was already something like 2:30. So my hairstylist also did my makeup, and she did an AWESOME job. She used all Bareminerals products and used the “Buxom” Big & Healthy Lip Polish which really plumped my lips up, as well as the Bareminerals Skin Rev-er Upper primer all over my face.

Something that seriously sucked is that we were supposed to have the salon to ourselves from noon to 4. Around 3, another bridal party walks in! Not to mention when we were done, they overcharged all of us over what they quoted us. My mom ended up straightening it out with the salon after the wedding day but having that other bridal party walk in and stare at me while I was getting my makeup done kind of put a damper on the whole experience.

Finally right around 4, Robin and I headed back to the resort to get ready!

No one took photos at the salon, but our videographer was there and here are some screenshots:

This is bridesmaid Sevanne, my sister and matron of honor Cheryl, and Brian’s mom.


Curling my hair.




Close-up shot on the eye makeup.


Finishing touches. That’s my mom looking at me in the mirror.


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