>Weekend food madness

>So hubby’s best friend Billy got into town on Thursday night and is heading on today to north Georgia then home to Florida. He has been RVing with his dad ever since the wedding in April!

Here’s what we did while Billy was here:

Thursday night: Ate dinner at Chipotle (burritos!), bought 2 dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme.

Friday: Hubby and Billy ate lunch at Full Moon BBQ while I was at work. For dinner we ate at a local dive in Bessemer called the Stadium Grill, which has the BEST burgers in the world, no lie!

Friday night: We went out to Jupiter and the Houndstooth on the Strip in Tuscaloosa, then ate Quick Grill lamb kebobs and messy fries (chili cheese fries) around 2 a.m.!

Saturday: Ate bbq ribs for lunch at the original Dreamland in Tuscaloosa and had a celebrity sighting: Mike Tomlin, coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers! He said he was in the state for the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame induction — apparently he knew someone getting inducted. We also went to Woods ‘n Water and I got a really cute Woods ‘n Water t-shirt with a black Lab head on the back.

Saturday night: Ate dinner with Billy’s dad and a family friend who also lives in Birmingham at New Orleans Food & Spirits in Vestavia Hills. I had crawfish etoufee. It was so-so.

Sunday: Ate a late lunch at Jim ‘n Nick’s BBQ in Hoover. We had the Kitchen Sink Nachos as an appetizer and I had a pimiento cheese and ham sandwich. I literally had one bit and I couldn’t eat any more! Then we went to the Galleria to walk around a bit and Brian got some new shorts at Belk. Then Billy and I decided we had a sweet tooth and we got ice cream cones at Haagen Daaz. I had creme brulee– it was amazing!

Sunday night: Ate a late dinner at Salvatore’s Pizza in Hoover. We ordered an XL NY Style with just cheese. I had 2 pieces and I was done for.

Seriously, I cannot believe the amount of food I ate since Thursday! To sum it up: a burrito, a burger and fries, a lamb kebob and chili cheese fries, bbq ribs, crawfish etoufee, bbq nachos, ice cream, donuts, and pizza. I have probably gained 5 lbs. But it was so worth it! And Billy always insists on paying. I finally insisted on paying for dinner last night at the pizza place.

On a somewhat food-related note: Don’t these look amazing?

They are Baby Boston Creme pies, made with canned biscuits! The recipe calls for sugar-free vanilla pudding and they’re actually pretty light if you make it the way the recipe says. Here is the recipe. I am thinking about renting Bride Wars and making these tonight!

4 thoughts on “>Weekend food madness”

  1. >Hi there! I just found your blog through USCEmily. Looks like we have a couple of mutual bloggy friends 🙂 And oh my goodness, you are a girl after my own heart, all of that food sounds amazing! I can't wait to read more of your posts, so I hope you don't mind a new reader!


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