>My “thinking big” wishlist


1. A smaller car. I want to trade in my 4Runner sometime in the next year or so for something like a Civic, Fit, Corolla, Sentra, Jetta, etc. Who out there owns small sedans and what do you like about yours?

2. iPhones for me and Brian! This is definitely a want and not a need, but I really wish Verizon would start carrying them! The bill would be a lot more per month, ugh, so we’re not really ready for that, but still….it would be nice! I guess the only upside is that I would still get a 20% discount on the bill through my work, but that’s still not really enough to offset the extra money we would be spending per month.

3. A king size bed with a memory foam mattress! Ahhhhhhh would be nice. A girl can dream, can’t she? I just love the entire bedroom set pictured here. I love the blue dresser/lowboy used as a nightstand and the lighter blue wardrobe on the left. And I LOVE the 4-poster bed!

4. A change of scenery…eventually. The beach wedding and the Disney honeymoon made me realize how much I love and miss Florida in some ways and I would consider moving to Orlando in the next few years, especially if Brian and I could both score jobs with Disney. A couple other cities on our radar are Austin and Las Vegas. We’re thinking somewhere youngish, not cold, and mid-sized with lots of opportunity with tourism and cooking for Brian and communications/Web for me. We love Birmingham, and I love my job, but I think we might end up somewhere new in the next couple of years. Who knows?

5 thoughts on “>My “thinking big” wishlist”

  1. >I have a mid-sized sedan, not small (an Altima), but I LOVE it. It’s easy to drive, easy to maintain, a very sensible car. And since cars aren’t the biggest priority in my life, it’s PERFECT.


  2. >Yes — when my dad worked at Carmax he was most impressed with Honda, Toyota and Nissan in terms of reliability, so in the end I think I’ll go with one of those 3 brands. Altima is definitely on my list too, so is Accord and Camry.


  3. >I’ve only ever had small sedans! I’m on my second Mazda Protege right now. It’s got 116,000 miles on it and I just love it. I get over 30 mpg in the city and if I use cruise control I can get 38 on the highway. My parents both have Mazda 3s (Dad has a sedan, mom has the 5-door — or will as of tomorrow) and they’ve really liked them as well.The Conservinator has a 2-door Civic that also gets awesome mileage, but I don’t really like it. It’s only about an inch shorter than my car but it feels a lot smaller for some reason.I’m a huge proponent of small Japanese cars. My first Mazda had over 170,000 on it when we sold it and the only non-routine maintenance it needed was a new clutch and new brakes after I learned how to drive stick on it. My current Mazda has needed about $2500 of work in the 8 years I’ve owned it, which isn’t bad for the 100,000 miles I’ve logged!


  4. >Love your blog! I’m the biggest car girl ever- love ’em! My dad is a car guy as well and alot of his friends are mechanics and body guys so I know about safety and reliability. When he was talking to them about what car to get me they said anything japanese- Honda, Toyota, etc. He said to stay away from VW’s though because they are so expensive to fix and not very reliable. We have a friend who has a passat on lease and he has been left stranded on the highway 3 times this month! He is stuck in the lease but the warranty is up and he has to replace his transmission next week out of pocket! I wish they were reliable because they are sooo cute!


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