Newlywed loose ends

It’s hard getting back to the grind after the wedding and honeymoon. There are still loose ends to be tied up even afterwards – thank you notes, ordering photos and albums (our photo CD is being mailed out tomorrow! Yes!), returns and exchanges from our wedding registry, finding places to store all our new gifts, and of course the whole ordeal of legally changing my name.

I am waiting now for a copy of our marriage license to arrive in the mail. I know that the first thing I need to do is get my driver’s license and Social Security cards changed, then I can go from there to change my name on my bank accounts, credit cards, utility bills, etc. Do any married women out there have advice on how to go about it without going insane in the process?

Also, I’m debating on HOW I want to change my name. An option I am thinking of is turning my maiden name into my middle name, making me Kristen Maindenname Lastname. Or I can keep my middle name, get rid of my maiden name, and add my new last name, making me Kristen Middlename Lastname. Any thoughts on this? I am not totally in love with my current middle name (Kelli) and it seems like a lot of brides are choosing the Firstname Maidenname Lastname option. I consider myself to be pretty modern, and my last name is not very common, so it would be nice to include it. But I’m still wavering.

I promise that lots of eye candy is to come! I’m finally feeling back to normal and should be able to blog in full detail about the wedding day and honeymoon in full detail very soon.

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