Giveaway + best man visit!

First off, enter this week’s super cute giveaway at Lauren Nicole Gifts! It is this adorable Lilly wallet:


OK, so Brian’s best man and best friend Billy is in town visiting! He and his dad went RVing out West after the wedding and they are JUST NOW on their way back to south Florida where they live. Color me jealous! he showed us photos last night of the places he went in New Mexico and Colorado and it was all so freakin’ gorgeous!

Part 2 of the wedding recap is coming up soon, I promise. (c:


>My “thinking big” wishlist


1. A smaller car. I want to trade in my 4Runner sometime in the next year or so for something like a Civic, Fit, Corolla, Sentra, Jetta, etc. Who out there owns small sedans and what do you like about yours?

2. iPhones for me and Brian! This is definitely a want and not a need, but I really wish Verizon would start carrying them! The bill would be a lot more per month, ugh, so we’re not really ready for that, but still….it would be nice! I guess the only upside is that I would still get a 20% discount on the bill through my work, but that’s still not really enough to offset the extra money we would be spending per month.

3. A king size bed with a memory foam mattress! Ahhhhhhh would be nice. A girl can dream, can’t she? I just love the entire bedroom set pictured here. I love the blue dresser/lowboy used as a nightstand and the lighter blue wardrobe on the left. And I LOVE the 4-poster bed!

4. A change of scenery…eventually. The beach wedding and the Disney honeymoon made me realize how much I love and miss Florida in some ways and I would consider moving to Orlando in the next few years, especially if Brian and I could both score jobs with Disney. A couple other cities on our radar are Austin and Las Vegas. We’re thinking somewhere youngish, not cold, and mid-sized with lots of opportunity with tourism and cooking for Brian and communications/Web for me. We love Birmingham, and I love my job, but I think we might end up somewhere new in the next couple of years. Who knows?


Wedding Day: Part 1

Part 1: Nail Salon

I woke up on the wedding day around 9 a.m., in preparation for arriving at the nail salon (Top Nail & Tan in Gulf Shores, AL) with my 4 of 5 of my bridesmaids and my mom around 10 a.m. (One bridesmaid, Brian’s stepsister Tiffany, already had her nails done so that’s why she didn’t come) The weather was about as close to perfect as possible, so I was feeling good and ready to go. I dressed in jeans, flip-flops and my trusty button-down RL Polo blue and white striped oxford shirt.

It took every ounce of restraint NOT to wash my hair since I was supposed to show up at the hair salon with somewhat dirty hair for my half-updo. Normally I wash my hair every 24-36 hours so I just took a shower without getting my hair wet — it felt so strange, but I knew it would help the hairdo in the end!

My maid of honor Robin insisted on feeding me breakfast — eggs and turkey bacon — and she and I were a little late behind the other bridesmaids and arrived at the nail salon around 10:20 a.m. Sidenote on Robin: she has been a bridesmaids 17 time as of my wedding and she really knows what she’s doing as fa as weddings go. She rocks.

All went smoothly with getting our nails done. I picked out a shiny medium pink OPI color (LOVE OPI!) that is still looking good on my toes a month later as I type. The nail technician treated me to their special bridal pedicure, which included a hot rock treatment for my feet and a mask and major exfoliation for my legs. I turned on the massage chair and relaxed as much as I could. For my manicure I opted for an American, and I was really happy with the results there as well.

The nail salon did a great job with me, my mom, and 4 bridesmaids and had us all out of the shop by noon. Bridsmaids Jennifer and Sevanne were dispatched to Starbucks to buy coffee for everyone. Robin and I were the last to be done at the nail salon around noon.

Unfortch I don’t have any photos of getting our nails done as we were all makeup-less and hadn’t had our morning coffee yet.

Photos to come in Part 2: Hair and Makeup!


One Lovely Blog Award!

So I was catching up on all my blog reading and perusing The Luckiest Mrs.‘s blog….she had received a cute award…hum de dum, how sweet, reading, reading…who did she pass it on to? ME! I hardly ever win blog awards (because I don’t blog here enough, yes, I know. I work for a web site but I have a huge computer screen in the middle of a newsroom and sadly can’t be on Blogger all day lol although its tempting on slow news days.)

So anyway, here’s the award:


Yay! Thanks so much to The Luckest Mrs. for passing this on. Now I get to pick 10 ladies to pass this on to. Please bear with me because I’m pretty detailed as to why I’m passing this on!

1. Freck from It’s FIve O Clock Somewhere, because she has already followed me at my new blog address and I love reading about her FABULOUS life in Chicago!

2. KLC from Tales of a Northern Belle, because she also is following me here at the new blog address and she always has the cutest clothes and is so open and honest about her life.

3. Brittney from Running in High Heels, because she also is following me here at the new blog address and because she is a beautiful Florida girl making her way in D.C.!

4. LPC from -Privilege because she is an elegant, educated woman contemplating her WASPy ways. I’ve learned so much from her and sometimes wish that my family had the same sort of grand history as hers.

5. Carly from A Disney Wedding, because she is an organized Disney bride passing on a lot of great wisdom and beautiful photos. I got a lot of ideas for our honeymoon from her and she really got me pumped for the trip!

6. Bri from Habbala because we found each other on 20 Something Bloggers and she is just the sweetest! She is going through the aftereffects of a bad breakup so please read her blog and be there for her because she rocks.

7. Lindsey from Learning To Be A Wife because she is a pure, sweet soul and I love reading about her life with her husband.

8. The Southern Housewife from Her Southern Charm because she is very dedicated to her life as a homemaker and because she makes the cutest stamped jewelry!

9. After The Alter because she found me on Twitter and starts a lot of though-provoking discussions on her blog!

10. Heather at Southern Bride because we got married on the same day…April 25, 2009!




I’m putting out the welcome mat for Something Blue readers to enter my new blog home! All my Something Blue blog posts have been imported here and are still available for viewing.

I hope to connect with other bloggers even more now that the wedding is over. I’ve been reading a ton of blogs out there written by so many talented ladies. Some are brides, some are newlyweds, some are single, some are moms, some are “real life” friends, most are not, but I really enjoy them all, and a few of my favorites are listed in my blogroll on the right column of this blog.

I think this new blog will address me as a whole, not just “wedding” me. Once I no longer have wedding stuff to blog about, I’m going to start blogging about my daily life and settling in as a wife.

I really hope everyone will continue reading at this new address. All our wedding photos are uploaded on Picasa and ready to go! I am beginning work on wedding day and Disney honeymoon recaps this weekend. Brian and I don’t have any big plans, other than to go see his family in north Alabama. So I should be able to make some great headway!

Hope to see some followers on this blog soon!


Drumroll please….the dress!

Something I’ve been wanting to spill the beans about for a looooong, looooong time: my dress!

The dress is by Allure Bridals. I initially found it at Diane’s Formal Affair in Jasper, Alabama. However, I actually bought it at bestbridalprices.com. I would definitely recommend that site — the dress came more quickly than anticipated and they give you free shoes (up to $50) and a free veil (up to $120 — ultimately I did not wear one).

Click on this link to see some skinny model in the dress, then come back here and look at the difference between the neckline on the model’s and the neckline on my dress.

It’s no secret that I am a D cup and the model wearing the dress on that link is an A- cup, so she gets away with the plunging neckline (and the huge 80s earrings) easily. I however, do not. So my wonderful seamstress Michelle at Ramsey Alterations in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, took fabric from the hem to create a more modest neckline. She also took in the dress at the shoulders and torso to make it a perfect fit.