Yet another updated to-do list!

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Here’s what we accomplished in <st1:place style=”font-weight: bold;” st=”on”><st1:placetype st=”on”>Gulf</st1:placetype> <st1:placetype st=”on”>Shores</st1:placetype></st1:place> this weekend:

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-Bought a new silk camp shirt for Brian in a smaller size at the Tommy Bahama outlet.

-Bought silk camp shirts for Brian’s dad and my dad at the Tommy Bahama outlet.

-Had hair/makeup consult – both my hairstylist and my makeup artist are named Jessica, lol!

-Ordered wedding cake & groom’s cake at Publix. We decided on vanilla cake with cannoli filling and buttercream icing for the wedding cake, and chocolate cake with German chocolate filling and fudge icing for the groom’s cake. The wedding cake will be light blue and decorated with ivory Swiss dots – so cute!

-Met with florist, dropped off aisle marker lanterns and other supplies, decided bouquet wrap ribbon colors and talked about some final details with flowers.

-Got our marriage license!

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Here are some other things we’ve managed to accomplish recently:

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-My mom went to the local feed store and bought galvanized washtubs to hold the programs and bottled water for the ceremony.

-My mom ordered small glass votive holders and white railroad lanterns for the reception centerpieces, as well as white finger starfish. There will be 3 glass votives, 3 railroad lanterns and 3 starfish per table.

-I don’t need to order flower petals or decorate the flower girl basket because the florist is taking care of it for us. Yay!

-Also no cake topper was ordered because I decided on fresh flowers instead. There will be ivory calla lilies on top and ivory roses at the base of the cake.

-My sister found a baby blue short sleeve button down shirt for my nephew to wear as ring bearer.

-The mom of our flower girl ordered this dress for her from Strasburg Children:

How precious is this?

What we still need to accomplish:

-Finish Blurb.com photo guestbook. This has to be done ASAP because it takes 5-6 business days to print and 3-5 business days to ship, unless I pay extra for overnight or 2-day shipping. Eeek!

-Finalize ceremony with pastor, then make program fans. I’ll do it this weekend at my parent’s house because they have a new printer and I will have a lot more room to spread out and get it all done.

-Finalize list of reception songs for DJ.

-Dance classes? I hope we can squeeze in 1 or 2 before the wedding.

-Book rehearsal dinner venue. Brian is taking care of this. I hope we can get something nailed down soon.

-Drop off my shoes to get dyed light blue. I’m doing this tomorrow.

-Final dress fitting. I’ll hopefully do this the day before Easter while Brian is away at his bachelor party weekend.

-Have Men’s Wearhouse tailor Brian’s suit.

-Make sure all groomsmen have bought the correct khaki pants.

-Finalize guest headcount and give to florist, linen rental company, and venue.

-Decide what sort of hors’d’oeuvres we want to go with the buffet once we get the final headcount.

-Ger bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts ready.

-Shop for waist cincher for myself.

-Shop for earrings/necklace for myself and make sure I have the something old (?), something new (check!), something borrowed (?), something blue (check!),

And I think that’s it! Phew.


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