Neglect is the theme of this blog post.

First off, I have been neglecting this blog. Mostly because I was in NOLA for my bachelorette this weekend. Then on Monday I had a very busy day of work and grocery shopping. Then yesterday I was knocked out with baaaaad hay fever — the tree pollen here is insane.

Second of all, I’ve really been neglecting myself lately. Not so much in a fitness/diet sense –I’m doing pretty well with that, Bachelorette weekend nonwithstanding. But what I’ve really been neglecting is my beauty routine.

I haven’t had my hair cut, or even trimmed, since October. Same with color/highlights. I haven’t had a pedicure in God knows when — maybe September? And the eyebrows? Ugh. This is why I’m really looking forward to the wedding and looking/feeling pretty again. I just quite simply haven’t had the funds for these professional beauty splurges.

Luckily my sister got me a gift certificate for the Paul Mitchell school here in Birmingham for my birthday, so I have scheduled a cut/style and a pedicure for next Tuesday. And I have a Clairol Root Touch-Up kit that I’ve been meaning to put in my hair until I get my hair colored/highlighted next month. So all that should make me feel a lot better in the meantime.


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