Solving the arm bumps problem

So ladies, have any of you ever had that problem where you get these little bumps that crop up on the back of your arm? I always wondered what it was, and with the wedding coming up, I wanted those little bumps GONE!

It turns out that it is a common condition called keratosis pilaris (you can see a lovely photo at that link – ick!) It’s sometimes called chicken skin or chicken bumps because that’s what it looks like.

Now my KP is not all that bad, it’s rather mild compared to the photo in the link above, but I want my skin to be perfect on the wedding day! So I enlisted my mom to help. She used to work at a dermatologist’s office in Atlanta, so she used her connections there to get me this:

It’s the Keratosis Pilaris Kit by Glytone. My mom managed to get it half off and it is getting shipped straight to me. Yay!

I really hope it works! I’ll let everyone know the outcome.


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