Gulf Shores!

Tomorrow morning we go to Gulf Shores! I am really looking forward to it, though I am worried about the storms. But working at a TV station tends to bring out the Chicken Little in me with weather. Brian said we will take it slow and hopefully we will make it in time for my hair consult appointment at 2 p.m.

I think the part of the weekend I am most excited about is being with Brian by myself for 2 whole days. Since he started working again, we have not seen each other as much. I work the normal 9-6 day shift and he works 4-11 p.m., so we don’t see each other until late at night. By then, we are so zonked that we don’t get to talk and hang out as much.

It is supposed to be beautiful the rest of the weekend after the bad weather passes through tomorrow afternoon. So hopefully we can get some time in at the beach Sunday.



One month!

Y’all, I’m getting married in a month. One month!!!

It’s been a busy week so far. This weekend was the ‘wedding weekend extravaganza’ in Atlanta. My mom FINALLY found a dress – a Calvin Klein at Macy’s. I attended my sorority sister Casey’s wedding, which was so much fun — we are sharing our Maid of Honor. Robin is such a blessing and she did a great job at Casey’s wedding. It was like a free preview. lol.

I’m on the right looking super pale. Time to work on the tan! The bride Casey is in the middle and Jennifer, one of my bridesmaids is on the left.

Today at lunch was my third dress fitting. It finally fits, although I was initially a little bit uncomfortable when I tried the dress on. But once I adjusted ‘the girls’ and let the dress loosen up around the arms, it was OK. All that’s left is making a bustle and reinforcing some the the buttons and we’re all set. I’m sorry to be so vague but Brian may still read this thing, so I can’t post photos or be really specific just yet. If you’re dying to know more about my dress, just comment and I will e-mail info to you.

Here’s the agenda for this weekend in Gulf Shores:

Saturday: Hair/makeup consult, shop for my dad’s shirt at Tommy Bahama outlet.
Sunday: Order wedding cake & groom’s cake at Publix, scout for rehearsal dinner venues, get some time in at the beach.
Monday: Consult with florist on reception setup and bouquet ribbon, go to Bay Minette for marriage license on the way home.




Welcome to Atlanta where the players play, And we ride on dem thangs like ev-ery day. Big beats, hit streets, see gangsters roamin, And parties don’t stop ’til eight in the mo’nin ~Ludacris

So for those of you who don’t know, I grew up outside of Atlanta, in Marietta. I was born at Northside Hospital. My parents spent a few years while I was toddler and preschool age moving around to different places like Nashville, Houston, and Orange County, Calif., but ultimately we ended up back in Marietta when I was 7 and starting second grade.

I graduated high school in 2001 and started college at the University of Alabama. Originally, I planned on transferring to UGA after a year, but I fell in love with UA, my professors and my major, the beautiful campus, the football team, my sorority, and Brian! The Crimson Tide love took hold and I did not want to leave. I am so grateful to my parents that they let me stay and continued paying out-of-state tuition for the remainder of my time at UA. I ended up excelling in my major, working for the campus newspaper, becoming vice president of my sorority, and I also marched piccolo for two years with the Million Dollar Band… that’s where I met Brian. He played bass drum. ☺

So anywho, after college, I came home to Marietta and worked for the hometown newspaper… very briefly. I’m talking 3 months during the summer of 2005. Really, I was ready to strike out on my own and needed to get out of Marietta.

That summer, Brian had moved down to West Palm Beach to live with his best friend Billy and work at the Mar-A-Lago resort on Palm Beach. I thought Florida sounded cool, so I started applying for jobs. I ended up getting hired as a copy and Web editor for a publications company in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. I got a lot of great experience and I wouldn’t trade that year for the world… but of course, after a year in Florida, Sweet Home Alabama came calling and Brian and I moved to Hoover, Alabama in August 2006.

We truly fell in love with the greater Birmingham area. It’s only 45 minutes from UA, the people are extremely nice, and the cost of living is reasonable. We loved it so much that in Feb. 2007, we bought a house! It is our little fixer-upper. It is a 1,300-sq-ft cottage built in 1949 with all hardwood and tile floors. It’s hard to believe we’ve been in the house for more than two years now.

Anywho, apparently we spread the Alabama love around so much that my parents decided to give it a go and they moved from Marietta to the Birmingham area in September 2007. They were able to downsize on their house, get out of the Atlanta congestion, and be closer to their youngest daughter..moi! In fact they’re just 6 miles from me.

So since September 2007, I have not been back to Atlanta. Not ONCE! It’s hard to believe. I’ve been to San Diego, New Orleans, Florida, Nashville, Kentucky, and even Americus, Ga. since that time, but not Atlanta. So I am very excited because my mom and I are driving to Marietta tomorrow night.

Saturday morning we have an appointment with CoverUpsLinens in Roswell to pick out my seat covers and table toppers. Then we are going shopping for my mom’s dress for the wedding…no, we are but 5 weeks out and she has yet to find one! We should probably go to Northpoint Mall since we will be close by. And we might squeeze in a trip to IKEA. Saturday night, I am attending my sorority sister Casey’s wedding in Norcross, Ga. It is at an old historic mansion called Flint Hill and it looks gorgeous! I can’t wait!

We’re also looking for a place to dye my shoes, and my mom is attending a bridal shower on Sunday as well. So it’s basically an Atlanta weekend wedding extravaganza!



Whoosh…went the weekend.

Well, Saturday marked 6 weeks until the wedding. eeek!

Saturday was spent running around with my mom doing things for the wedding. First, I had my second dress fitting. The seamstress is working on the bust area and after adding some fabric in places and taking the dress in on the sides, I feel 110% better about my dress.

We ran to Old Time Pottery to look for votives and lanterns and came close, but no cigar. Same with Hobby Lobby. Then we tried HomeGoods and we found the lanterns for our aisle markers!

My mom and I got the idea to use large black lanterns as our aisle markers after looking at an album that our photographers sent us of another wedding at The Beach Club:

Photo by Grand Photography

The lanterns we found at HomeGoods are about 20 inches tall (hopefully almost as big as the lanterns pictured) and are also black, but they also have criss-crosses across each pane of glass. We got 4 lanterns, 2 for the front row and 2 for the back row. I suspect we’ll have 4 rows of guests rather than 5 as pictured here.

Acquiring the lanterns was a bit of a wild goose chase once we found them at HomeGoods. They only had 2 of the lantern in stock at the Highway 31 Hoover store, so we had the manager call the Highway 280 store. Luckily they had 2 more in stock and agreed to hold them for us. But beware, T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods now have a “no-hold” policy — they only held the lanterns for us because we had the manager call and ask nicely. So we had to drive completely out of the way to the other HomeGoods location at Brook Highland on 280 to get the other 2 lanterns.

On Saturday, we also found some goodies for our flower girl and a sand and water playset for my nephew/ring bearer. He turns 3 tomorrow. Happy third birthday, Jake!!!