My Videographers!

So let me tell you about our videographer odyssey.

First off, I couldn’t decide whether I even wanted a videographer for our wedding. Brian didn’t really care and would have rather used the money to buy himself a nice video camera and set it up for the ceremony and reception. I was wavering, as I’m a little squeamish about being the center of attention and having 2 videocameras hovering around certainly wouldn’t make that feeling any better….

Finally, I started leaning toward ‘yes’ for a videographer. My mom and I went to the bridal show in Birmingham last fall, and at the bridal show, my absolute favorite of all the videographers there was

Superium Productions a 2-guy operation. One of them, Keith, has been doing wedding videos for more than 20 years, and Nick is about my age and has been doing them for a couple years now. They shoot in HD and use a camera stabilizer system, which makes it all look sooo super smooth and professional. But when I was at the bridal show, their prices were so high! They started at $1,700, and with the extra mileage cost to Gulf Shores and the hotel stay, it would have tallied up at well over $2K and out of our budget range.

So, I started researching videographers in Baldwin County and came up with one that sounded OK. I got great referrals on her and some good sample videos. We were about ready to sign the contract with her and send in the deposit when Nick from Superium Productions e-mailed me out of the blue and told me about some major pricing changes for 2009.

I was so excited! Packages starting at $1,000?!? So I contacted Nick and told him we were interested. Keith and Nick came out to my parent’s house last Sunday for a personalized consultation. It turns out that they need a beach wedding for their portfolio, so they are throwing in a third camera with the camera stabilizer system for FREE! And it gets even better, they are also throwing in a “Love Story” (you can see some samples here) which normally cost $800, also for FREE! The only downside is that random people on the street might recognize me because they are using our video as a beach wedding sample for when they go to bridal shows! lol!

All in all, I am really excited about hiring Nick and Keith at Superium Productions. If they do a great job (and I have faith they will) then I plan to shout it out from the rooftops and hopefully get them some good PR with wedding mags and blogs.


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