The lay of the land

Today I am sharing some photos of our venue! These were taken during our scouting trip to The Beach Club last April 2008.

First off, the ceremony site:

The view looking toward the beach from the condo towers.

The start of the boardwalk that leads to the beachside ceremony site.

Walking down the boardwalk “aisle” toward the ceremony site.

The view of the condo towers from the ceremony site.

I don’t have a photo with me right now of the actual ceremony site… but basically it just a photo of the sand overlooking the ocean. You get the idea.

And now, the reception room! It is called the Island Room and is toward the front of The Beach Club property.

It’s basically a big square room with 2 low overhangs on either side. Our dance floor will definitely be bigger than the one pictured!

I love the high ceilings and the cool chandeliers!

Thanks for taking a tour of our venue!


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