Looking up… invitations… and TGIF!

Things are looking up a bit for Brian and me. There’s a possibility that he will cook at a dinner party soon, and there’s also a possibility that he will get to go make some moolah covering the Spring Poker Classic in Tunica, Mississippi.

Aside from being an awesome chef, Brian is also a huge poker buff. He has the poker blog on al.com (sometimes people even recognize him in public, it’s pretty funny) and he has worked for a couple different poker Web sites as a freelance blogger/writer. But the work had just dried up over the last 6 months or so. So I will continue to pray that he can get some on-the-side work while working toward a full-time job here in the Ham.

In more exciting wedding news…..

I addressed all the invitations last night!!! All but a handful with new addresses that I’m still waiting on went out in the mail today! I took some photos of the finished products with Brian’s camera this morning at home, so I will upload those when I get home tonight. What a weight off my shoulders!!

Lastly, I changed my blog layout yet again. I keep gravitating toward a blue hydrangea-centered theme.

We are meeting with the videographers on Sunday. Can’t wait to blog about that experience, they seem like awesome, fun guys.

Have a great weekend!


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