To say that money has been tight for Brian and me lately is an understatement. Virtually all of my paycheck goes to the mortgage, the utilities, and the credit cards. There is a little left over each paycheck for groceries.

It’s been causing a lot of problems for Brian and I, and I don’t like fighting, especially as we get closer to the wedding. But it’s causing a lot of stress on both of us. He’s spending his free time fixing up the house, which I appreciate greatly, but what I really want is for Brian to have a job. And they’re really tough to come by these days.

And since Brian works in the hospitality/restaurant biz, there are a lot of deceptive, flaky people. I don’t recommend that anyone go through culinary school in these tough economic times — the return is just not worth the investment. Most positions that Brian qualifies for are hourly, some even close to minimum wage. And he’s worth so much more than that. So I’m turning to prayer for Brian, and for all my coworkers who were recently laid off, and for everyone who has lost their jobs as a result of the economy.

So if anyone has any restaurant/cooking/culinary leads in the Birmingham area, please pass those on. It’s greatly appreciated.


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