Honest Scrap Award

I’ve been tagged by Authentically U! – A Diamonds & Sapphire Bride with the “Honest Scrap” Award. Thank you girl! So now I list 10 random facts about me:

1. I have one blue eye and one green-ish eye. I don’t think it was always like that but sometime during puberty the right one turned green-ish.

2. If I was not in the online media business, I would be the high school English teacher who advises the student newspaper. Or I would be a college journalism professor. Or a novelist, or a magazine editor. I still love magazines.

3. I’ve worn glasses since the age of 7 and contacts since the age of 11. I have a -6.5 prescription. My whole family is basically blind, but my sister has the worst vision of all of us. I think she might be legally blind, lol.

4. I’ve never really been single since the age of 15. I’ve only had two serious boyfriends in my life, and the second one gets the awesome privilege of marrying me! (c:

5. Despite taking gymnastics classes as a kid, I never learned how to turn a cartwheel. And, despite being on the swim team, I never learned how to dive. So they always put me in the backstroke events. And I still sucked. I suck at all sports.

6. Apparently when I was young, I could sing, sort of. I was in the elementary and middle school chorus, the Mt. Bethel UMC church choir, and this really cheesy dancing/singing group for girls aged 6-14 called ‘Stars of Atlanta.’ We were really cute and sung at old folks’ homes and the Festival of Trees in Atlanta, and Disney World – twice!

7. I am really, really obsessed with Labrador Retrievers and think they’re the best breed of dog ever, even though the only two Labs I’ve owned in my life have been absolutely NUTS! Chelsey was our black Lab mix that I grew up with and Mango is our purebred chocolate Lab that Brian and I got Christmas of ’07.

8. I’m not sure that I’ll ever live out of the Southeast. Cities I would be willing to move to are Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Austin, Mobile/Pensacola, Orlando, and Jacksonville. I could live in Atlanta only if I knew that my work commute was basically nonexistent. But I love Birmingham. And South Florida is a no-go after living there for a year, although it’s a great place to vacation.

9. In high school I had a silver 1997 Honda Accord Special Edition that I adored. “The Fast & The Furious” movie came out when I was in high school and my high school boyfriend decided to buy me a rear spoiler on eBay. It turned out to be a little larger than we thought. My dad always called it “the whale tail,” and thinking about it embarrasses me to this day.

10. I have lived in 6 states: Georgia, Tennessee, California, Texas, Alabama and Florida, and I have moved 11 times in my life

Since most of the blogs I follow have received this award, I’ll let anyone who wants to receive this award!


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