A great weekend

I had a great weekend! Brian’s 30th birthday was yesterday and my 26th birthday is tomorrow, so it’s always nice that we can celebrate our birthdays together.

Friday night we just hung out at home and I made tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner…yum. Brian was very grateful because he ALWAYS cooks and he had been out in the yard raking leaves then at the gym for 2 hours.

On Saturday morning, we went to the Y and worked out for an hour. I was FINALLY able to join up when Brian told them we are getting married soon and wanted to add me to his account. Normally it is $35 per single person per month, but it is only $42 for a married couple. So we did cardio for 30 minutes and weight machines for 30 minutes. I really want to tone up my midsection and arms as much as possible before the wedding. So now we are going 4x per week together and I think we’ll both really enjoy it.

Saturday afternoon, Brian’s grandfather and aunt came into town to celebrate our birthdays. Brian’s mom got sick with salmonella so she couldn’t make it. But she is getting better, so please pray for her! Anyway, we went to the local burger joint and they treated us to $50 Lowe’s gift cards. Brian already used some of it to buy a new kitchen faucet — our old one was broken. He IMed me just now to tell me that he installed it, hooray!

Saturday night we went to the UGA-UA basketball game in Tuscaloosa. Alabama won, 75-70, yay! And we had tickets to the Coliseum Club buffet. We were like 3 feet from UA Athletic Director Mal Moore at one point. After the game we went out in Tuscaloosa and kept running into people we know. We didn’t get home until 2 a.m.!

On Sunday, Brian’s dad and stepmom treated us to Logan’s for lunch and are contributing toward the Disney honeymoon as our birthday present. Hooray!

Sunday afternoon my mom and I went to Michael’s to do some shopping. We bought calligraphy pens to address the invitations, some placecards on clearance, some goodies for the bridesmaids, and bubble vials and ribbon for the fake getaway at the reception.

We’re celebrating our birthdays with my parents on Tuesday, addressing the invitations on Thursday night, and meeting with the videographers on Sunday.


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