Disney honeymoon plans and meal reservations!

I am so excited because starting tomorrow, we will be able to make all of our meal reservations at Disney World for our honeymoon!!

I don’t have the exact schedule of where we are eating each day with me, but we are doing pretty much every meal as table service , because we can! We have the Deluxe Dining Plan which takes care of 3 table services and 2 snacks per day, along with some other goodies and a refillable mug that can be used at any soda fountain in the resorts.

We are checking in Monday and won’t be going to any parks that day since we’ll be driving overnight and probably be pretty exhausted! We also have a voucher for free mini golf so we’ll probably do that Monday afternoon. And if we end up getting the couple’s massage that is on our registry, I would like to get that Monday too.

Magic Kingdom and Epcot are our favorite parks so we’ll be spending the majority of our time there.

Tuesday: Magic Kingdom
Wednesday: Epcot
Thursday: Animal Kingdom/ Hollywood Studios
Friday: Magic Kingdom
Saturday: Epcot

So far we have made 2 meal reservations that were able to be made before the 90-day mark:

1. Tuesday: dinner reservations at Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian, which is not a part of the dining plan. because it is so pricey. We have it on our registry though, so maybe someone will contribute toward our meal!

2. Friday: lunch reservations at Cinderella’s Royal Table at MK. I hear this is a great meal!

The rest will be made tomorrow. Brian will be on the phone with them at 8 a.m., wish us luck that the scheduling works out for us!


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