Mother of the Bride beachwear

My mom has been out in San Diego all month helping my sister take care of my baby nephews while my brother-in-law is at military training in Pensacola.

We’ve been e-mailing lately about what she is going to wear to the wedding. My dad is going to wear a silk Tommy Bahama shirt and khaki pants, but it is soooo hard to shop for my mom. She is only about 5’1″, and about a size 14 petite. She recently described her arms as “bat wings” so she doesn’t want anything sleeveless. And she is full-chested. I think she is open to pants and a top or a dress.

I found a few things that may look good on her:

Silk crepe chemise from Talbots Petites.

Swing jacket from Talbots Petites. I think this would look good with white linen pants.

Linen shirt & trousers in petite from Neiman Marcus.

I took a look at Tommy Bahama, Lilly Pulitzer, etc., but I don’t think she would fit into anything. Also, I noticed that TB has really modernized their women’s clothing and it is geared toward younger women now.

It’s a coincidence that all the clothes pictured here are green, lol. But since the bridesmaids are all wearing blue, it would probably be best for my mom to wear something in green or pink. She has blonde hair, so yellow or orange is out.

Any ideas on beach mother of the bride wear?


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