Videographer change of plans?

It seems like so many plans have been changing! First we redo the honeymoon, now the videographer.

So, back in the fall, my mom and I went to a bridal show in Birmingham. As the show was mostly full of photographers and venues, it wasn’t a whole lot of help, but we got some neat ideas and tasted cake from Publix. We stopped and talked to videographers to see their prices and their travel charges.

There was one set of videographers that really stood out to us: Superium Productions. However, at the time, their packages started at $1,700. Add in the extra mileage to get down to Gulf Shores, plus a hotel, and it was just way over our budget. So I basically gave up on them and eventually decided on Brookfield Video out of Baldwin County. But, we haven’t put in our deposit with Brookfield yet because my mom is out of town without her checkbook. She is holding the date for us for another week or so.

So on Monday, I get an e-mail from Nick at Superium. They completely redid their pricing for 2009 and now have packages starting at $1,000! I was so excited when I saw this. After mileage and hotel, they are only about $200 more than Brookfield Video. The quality of their stuff is really superb and they shoot in HD. So my mom and I agreed that we will go with Superium. They are coming over to my parents’ house next week to meet us, show us demos, and do a personal consultation. I don’t know of many vendors who take the time to do that sort of thing.

So, no offense to Brookfield Video, who I know does a great job. I got so many rave reviews from some of her clients and I would definitely recommend her. BUT Superium really caught our eye and I am so glad they reworked their packages for 2009. Another benefit of the crappy economy!


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