Wedding cake inspiration

The first thing I figured out when looking at wedding cakes is that I didn’t want an overly beachy wedding cake with seashells all over it.

This will be the basic design of our wedding cake, which is going to be made by the Publix in Orange Beach, Ala. I really like the round-square-round-square design:

There will be two major changes to this design. First, the color will be blue, not green. Second, the piping will be different.

Some ideas I have in mind for the changes:


From The Knot.


From a random Google Image search…can’t remember the source.


From The Knot.


From The Knot.


From The Knot.


From mediabistro.com in an article about Martha Stewart.


From nickygrant.com

I really love the shade of blue and the monogram on Cake 1. But I definitely want some decorative piping. I think my favorite is the piping on cake 2., adding a monogram on tier 3 along with the polka dots.

I am trying to decide if I would like white hydrangea flowers on top of the cake, or the white ceramic starfish cake topper I have been looking at:

Which would you do? Flowers or the ceramic starfish?


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