Hair inspiration; bridal party beauty plans

We MAY have found a salon in Gulf Shores for the wedding day — Cleopatra’s. They said they can close down the whole salon for us for makeup, hair and possibly manis/pedis.

They also serve complimentary juice, water and mimosas, and there is a great seafood restaurant next door. We can order off the menu and they will pick up the food for us.

They charge $35 for makeup and they use Bareminerals, which I love. Hair is $45 but cheaper for short hair and more casual styles. But a mani/pedi is $60, which is pretty steep IMO. So assuming they charge me the normal $45, $60 and $35, my total would be $140. But other nail salons charge about $35 for a mani/pedi, so an option would be to go to a regular nail salon in Gulf Shores first, then go to Cleopatra’s for everything else. That would save $25 apiece.

We’re still considering a guy recommended to us by our florist who was with a salon in Orange Beach, but he is moving his services to Foley, which is a pretty good haul from the wedding resort. If his prices are way cheaper we may still go with him but he hasn’t gotten back to me after calling twice. Not a good sign! And the wedding resort is out as they only do hair and makeup for the bride and their prices are outrageous.

It would be nice to find someone who could come out to the condo to do hair and makeup, but I have yet to find anyone in Baldwin Co./Mobile who can do that at a decent price. So Cleopatra’s may be the next best option.


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