I’ve got the condo stay blues

“I’ve got the condo stay blues, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. They’re charging us too much, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.”

It all started yesterday when my Maid of Honor called our wedding resort to get a quote on a 1-bedroom condo for her and her boyfriend. My MOH will stay with me, 2 other bridesmaids, and 2 other friends on Friday night before the wedding, but she wants a condo for her boyfriend and plans on joining him on the wedding night. And unfortunately none of the other bridesmaids are taking dates (other than my sister’s hubby, who is staying with my family) so my MOH was pretty much on her own as far as finding a place for her boyfriend.

So, anyhow, my MOH was quoted $499.83 for a 2-night stay in a 1-bedroom condo! YIKES! My immediate thought was that it was totally ludicrous. I was thinking it would be more like $350 at the most. So after calling back and asking, it turns out that the resort has jacked up rental prices, plus there’s cleaning fees, resort fees and taxes piled on top of the rental price. The $499 even included the 20% discount for everyone coming to the wedding.

So sadly, my MOH had to opt for a hotel room about 13.7 miles away. Luckily she was able to get 2 nights for $116, which is a huge savings, but I am so heartbroken that she will have to drive nearly 14 miles to stay with her boyfriend after the wedding. I’m just glad that the other bridesmaids opted not to bring their boyfriends so they don’t have to deal with the same situation.

So now I plan to come up with a list of hotels and condo alternatives and put them here on the blog, on the wedding Web site, and in e-mails to my friends. I was really hoping that guests would be able to bunk up at the resort, but for a starting price of $499 just for a 1-bedroom, I know that’s out of most everyone’s price range.



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