DIY program progress made!

Last night I stopped at Hobby Lobby on my way home from work.

I was able to get 80 yards of 1.5 inch wide double-face satin ribbon — 40 yards of baby blue and 40 yards of ivory — for my raffia fan programs detailed in the blog post below, along with 300 glue dots, a box that I plan to turn into our card box for the reception, and another 10 yards of ribbon for the favors (they’re ordering more for me) for just a tad over $13! I was expecting the bill to be more like $24-$30, but I looked at the receipt when I got home and the cashier had charged me 90% off all the ribbon! Wow, what a steal. I have no idea if he pressed the wrong button or if he just thought I was cute, lol.

So at home, I decided to order the rest of the supplies for the programs. I ordered 100 sheets of white vellum and 100 sheets of sky blue linen cardstock from Paper And More. I’m hoping I can do 2 programs per sheet; otherwise if we have more than 100 guests I’ll have to order more paper. I think the white vellum will look beautiful layered over the sky blue linen — very beachy.

Because they have free shipping over $100 and I had heard good things about them on The Knot message boards, I then ordered 10 dozen natural straw fans from Asian Ideas. So let’s not hope we have more than 120 guests!

Perusing through Asian Ideas before checkout, I was interested in the idea of paper sun parasols for myself and the bridesmaids. I have come across some really cute photos in the past of bridal parties posing with parasols, like so:

Photo randomly found on flickr.

Buuuuuut… I really wanted light blue to match the bridesmaids’ dresses and give a punch of color… that’s when I found these Large Chinese Sun Parasols that come in sky blue. A plus is that they’re nylon, not paper, and might actually function as an umbrella if there was to be a rainshower…we’ll see! So I ordered 6 of those at $6 apiece to complete my order.

So all in all, the total cost of my wedding fan programs will be roughly $100 for 120 fans, $30 for paper, and let’s just say about $30 for the ribbon, glue dots, hot glue for the ribbon, and ink for the programs, for a grand total of roughly $160! Now I just need to find a program template!


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