DIY wedding program fans

I’m heading out to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s after work today to check out supplies for the DIY programs and wedding favors I am planning on tackling myself. I have a feeling I may end up having to buy some of the supplies online, but cross your fingers for me that I am able to find some things in person!

For the ceremony, I am planning on making program fans, as seen in the photo below.

Photo from shorechic.com

Ceremony Program Fans (instructions from shorechic.com)

I plan on using paper and ribbon in my wedding colors of blue, sand and white.

What you need:

Premium Straw Hand Fans
1 8-1/2″ x 11″ Patterned vellum paper
1 8-1/2″ x 11″ Solid paper in your coordinating color
Glue dots or glue strips (do not use regular glue or tape)
Computer and printer
1-1/2″ wide colored double-faced satin ribbon


Using a glue strip cut to the width of the ribbon, affix one end of the ribbon to the neck of the fan. Wrap around the length of the fan’s handle. Adhere the other end of the ribbon to the bottom back of the handle. For a clean look, make sure the ribbon’s end is at the back of the fan away from view.

Design your ceremony program using your personal computer. Print it directly on to decorative vellum paper available at your local arts and crafts supply store. Overlay the vellum paper on top of the solid color paper. Having a solid color paper underneath the vellum makes the text easier to read. Using your scissors, cut around the ceremony program..

Using a glue strip at the top and bottom of the vellum paper, stick it to the solid paper beneath it. Again, use two glue strips to adhere the 2-layered ceremony program to the fan itself. ( glue dots or glue strips adhere nicely to the natural palm leaves of this fan.)

I will blog about the favors I am planning on making tomorrow!


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