Hooray for the Publix bakery!

I just got off the phone with the wedding cake guy (Marty) at Publix in Orange Beach. He has been with Publix for 7 years. He was bakery manager in Kennesaw, Ga., before coming to Orange Beach. Before that he had a family bakery for 25 years. He says he knows some of the people who work at the Johnson Ferry Publix in Marietta where I grew up. Small world, huh?

Marty said he prefers that we come in person when we go down to get the marriage license and show him pictures and swatches of what we want. Marty said he can customize any design the way we want. So Brian and I will make one more trip down there for the marriage license, hair & makeup run-through, and Publix. We have to get the marriage license in Bay Minette, which is in far north Baldwin County near I-65, so we will probably do that on our way home.

Also, he said he can do a groom’s cake with this round Alabama logo:

So depending on the cost, we may do a groom’s cake and lose a tier on the wedding cake.

Marty said that between Sept. 10 when the store opened and Dec. 31, he had already done 27 wedding cakes! Publix is getting very popular down there for wedding cakes. He said The Beach Club is within their normal delivery radius, no extra cost for that.

The design that I like the best is still the Livelong Love. But it will be light blue and I think I want different piping on it, more like the dot piping on Simply Devoted or the swirl piping on the top layer of Let’s Celebrate. I also like the piping on Beloved.


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