To-do list

Brian and I returned late last night from our trip to south Florida to see his Best Man in the hospital. While we were there, I had a dream that it was the Wednesday prior to the wedding and I hadn’t done anything else to plan other than what has been done right now. Invites hadn’t been sent out, the cake hadn’t been ordered, my dress had not been altered…talk about a REAL nightmare!!

Big things to accomplish in the coming weeks:

  1. Address, stamp and send out invitations.
  2. Find a seamstress and get dress altered.
  3. Order cake from Publix.
  4. Book videographer.
  5. Book rentals — organza overlays, chair covers, dance floor, cake stand, votives, etc.
  6. DIY programs/fans.
  7. DIY favors.
  8. Finish getting bridesmaid gifts together.
  9. Check with hair salon to see if they do makeup. If not, find makeup artist.
  10. Have Brian get his suit altered and buy his shirt.
  11. Have Brian get groomsmen clothes under control.
  12. Get rings resized and engraved.

Haha, speak of the Devil, my Mom just e-mailed me a bunch of wedding-related things re: rentals. I think we’re making good progress, there’s just some big things we need to take care of in the next month or so.


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