The videographer … and Merry Christmas!

The next big thing on the wedding to-do list is booking a videographer. I was really hesitant about having a videographer for the wedding — why not just film it ourselves? But I didn’t want to take the risk of not having it done professionally and regretting it later.

So, my mom and I met some videographers at the bridal show in Birmingham a few months back, and while the quality was superb, their prices were astronomical and they charge for travel. So I started researching videographers in Baldwin Co. Some of them didn’t even e-mail me back, and one guy wanted to have me come to his office. When I told him that I am in Birmingham and can’t make an appointment to come down there right now, he never responded. wtf?

So, I went to my wedding photographer’s Gulf Coast Wedding Web site and found Brookfield Video. Her prices were really reasonable and she responded instantly via e-mail and gave me SEVERAL referrals. She also sent several sample DVDs to my mom in the mail. We giggled because two of them were long, boring Catholic weddings. The other was a beach wedding and I think she did a great job on all of them. They weren’t totally cinematic (which I find cheesy); rather, they were more documentary-style and captured events as they happened. As a journalist, I really prefer this style.

I finally got around to contacting the referrals that we had e-mails for and I got back 4 very positive responses:

Congratulations! Planning a wedding is a job but it is also a lot of fun!
Yes, I do recommend her. I will tell you what she did for me and you can decide. I gave her 70 pictures that she used for a Through the Years CD of the bride and groom. The first part was of them growing up and the second was all the fun pictures of them while they were dating and some with their friends. We played it at the reception. She puts whatever music you want on it. She taped the pre-wedding photos, the wedding party, and the wedding on 1 CD. She did the reception on 2 CD’s and the rehearsal at the church and the rehearsal party on another CD. I have about 6 hours on my daughter’s CD’s. She included 10 sets of everything for me. She video taped 2 days and I paid 2,000.00 for everything. The quality was excellent. Just call her and she will send you samples and you can decide if she will meet your needs. She is a nice person to work with.(Joanne Brookfield) She also has a guy who works with her who is also very nice. She ran 2 cameras at the wedding so she wouldn’t miss anything. For example, one camera was behind the altar that you could not see, but she was able to video the ceremony looking at the wedding party’s faces and the guy tapes everything from the back.


Most definitely! She recorded both of my daughter’s weddings. We have received one (wedding in June), but have not seen the second (wedding just Dec. 13). She is very professional and does a wonderful job of capturing all the right moments.


Hi, Kristen. Brookfield Video did a spectacular job on my son’s wedding. I could be more pleased. I would recommend them without hesitation.


We were very pleased with Joanne. She was prompt, dependable and the video was great. I’ve recommended her to a number of friends.


So, with all the positive responses we received, my mom is comfortable now with booking Brookfield Video for the wedding. Woohoo!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their friends and family. Safe travels!


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