Hair & makeup, honeymoon registry

Our florist that we have decided on (All Island Flowers in Orange Beach, Ala.) recommended a hairdresser to my mom. His name is Bryan Kersey at The Platinum Door in Orange Beach — boo, no Web site! He does a free trial run if you book him for the wedding, so my mom went ahead and booked him.

The florist also recommended Top Nails at The Wharf, so I think we’re going to plan the morning/afternoon of the wedding around being at The Wharf. I found a restaurant called Ginny Lane Bar & Grill that does champagne brunch on the weekends from 10-2 (with complimentary mimosas — orange, cranberry or pineapple!). Their menu looks super yummy and the entrees are very reasonably priced.

So, my mom and I just decided that we will have our mom & bridesmaid brunch there, since a lot of the girls aren’t getting into town until Friday night. Then we will all get our nails done at Top Nails, then get our hair & makeup done at The Platinum Door, which is very close to The Wharf.

I’m just so excited and relieved to get a lot of these smaller details taken care of!


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