Wedding planning lull

It’s official: We’ve hit a wedding planning lull.

I have been extremely busy lately with both my “real” job at NBC 13 and my “fake” job — volunteering for my sorority. Virtually all of my time has been spent either at work or with “my girls” in Tuscaloosa lately, and it’s all I can do to manage a grocery run with Brian or remember to get the bills paid.

So, to get me back into the wedding planning frame of mind, here’s a to-do list for the next few weeks:

  • Order invitations.
  • Write bridal shower thank you notes (photos from bridal shower are forthcoming).
  • Schedule cake tasting at Publix.
  • Order cake topper.
  • Schedule consultation with events company re: cake stand, dance floor, organza table overlays, chair covers, etc.
  • Find a good wedding dress seamstress in Birmingham.
  • Decide on florist (this one or this one? Leaning toward the latter because it is cheaper).
  • Decide on wedding favors. Thinking about real starfish ornaments or tin pails with herb seeds… something along those lines.
  • Talk with our pastor about ceremony music, vows, etc.

Some other things I am thinking about ordering:

I’m also trying to find a good guestbook that doesn’t cost $70+.

AND, I’m still thinking about what I want to wear in my hair, and about jewelry … although Brian has told me not to worry about jewelry. My guess is that he’s planning on buying me earrings, but I’m not totally sure… so I may still get a mother of pearl bracelet or something along those lines, or just borrow something from my mom or sister.


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