The cake!

From the beginning, I have been considering Publix for my wedding cake.

So far, my favorite design is this one, called “Lifelong Love.” I really like the round-square-round-square tiers.

However, instead of green, the cake would be a very light blue.

And instead of the intricate lace and swag piping, it would be something more like this:

Then, instead of flowers as a topper, it would be this porcelain starfish:




Etsy, how I love thee!

I finally jumped on the Etsy bandwagon today, and spent some time surfing around and oohing and aahing at earrings, hairpieces and various other accouterments for the wedding.

Some of my favorites:

SKY BLUE Beaded Hair Comb with Glass and Silk Flowers and Swarovski Centerpieces

Jeweled Center Silk or Organza Gardenia Wedding Hairclip Fascinator

Starfish With Pearl Hair Pins

Classic Pearls – Lustrous 12mm Coin Pearl and Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

I think I really like a combo of the earrings with either the silk flower or the starfish pins. We’ll see!

I also came across some gorgeous thank you cards, but they’re a little above my budget: