The Beach Club trip!

Brian, my mom and I are at The Beach Club this weekend planning for the wedding. We were given a free 2-night stay since we are “referring a group.”

Right now we are staying at one of the Beach Club Cottages, which are great and beautifully decorated, but they sit behind the condo towers and are therefore not given a view of the beach. My family was thinking of staying at one of the cottages for the wedding, and Brian and I were thinking of staying in them too with the wedding party, but after touring some of the condo towers, we are hooked on getting condos instead. The view from the condos is spectacular and a lot of them are really beautifully decorated.

Brian has his heart set on a 4-bedroom penthouse for the groomsmen, and I am thinking of a 3-bedroom condo at the other end of the property for the bridesmaids, close to where the wedding will take place. In fact, I can watch the ceremony site being set up as I get ready for the wedding. My mom is thinking of another 3-bedroom condo in the building next door for my family that just got completely redone.

Yesterday on the way here, we stopped by Miller’s Grand Events in Fairhope. They weren’t really of much help because their main table decoration girl wasn’t there, but we may have more luck at A Grand Affair in Foley tomorrow. I plan on contact Miller’s again and hopefully we can work over the phone to come up with ideas.

Today we met with our photographer Donna, which was a bit of a disaster. The purpose of the meeting was to look at albums and talk about setting up a family photo session the day after the wedding. But meeting up with Donna was a nightmare — no one’s fault really — but we finally ended up at an ice cream shop after two botched attempts at meeting at another ice cream shop (closed) and at the Gulf State Park pavillion (my mom wanted A/C). My mom balked at the prices of the photo session and the master CD, but in my view, it’s worth the price because they are so good and because the whole family is rarely together!

After meeting with Donna we had a menu tasting, which was great. I think everyone will like the buffet. It turns out that our buffet captain Eric is an AKL from Alabama and he dated one of my bridesmaids briefly. haha. For real, Alabama is such a small world!

More tomorrow.


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